Anne Clark - Quelle: WikiCommonsWalk into light
From the blank evening sky
Knackles rub away the darkness
Circling my eyes
Walking into warnth
From the cold evening air
Numb white fingers push
Greasy rain through my hair
You walk into view
From shadow thrown against the door
Hands reach out and grasp the moment
They've been waiting for
You pull me close
Dampness sees through to your skin
You peel the layrs away
I feel the fire ignite within

You create the feeling
I contain the need
It's moments that we're stealing
No pleasure's ever free
You sustain the rhythm
I'll maintain the beat
It's the only ,chance we're given
Let's turn this cold to heat
You possess the notion
I take full heed
We're bound by this emotion
Two bodies - one heartbeat
You create the feeling
I contain the need
You sustain the rhythm
I'll maintain the beat


Desire comes alive
Nothing interrups the flow
Water nurtures every crevice
Where this love needs to grow
Sliding to the floor
We swell , falling to the ground
The world becomes a place
With no clear shapes, with no clear sounds
We're lost for a short while
In the knot where love's entwined
You pour the freedom from deep inside
I drink it back like wine
The murmur of your voice
Soft words soothe away the doubt
your strength - so essential
Something i can't do without

You ....

Inside we slow each movement
'Til we're static once again
Outside the city runs
Cars throughroads like bloood through veins
Here sweet sticky air
Loke a cover keeps us warm
Drops of love fall from us
The last moments of the storm
Opening my eyes
You're even closer now to me
As the crowd goes pushing onwards
Crashing forwards like a sea
Right now a million miles away
It's alwaysthere to interfere
But I'm always here to sa

You ...

Foto: ©Wikicommons

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